Custom tag feeds in Jekyll

This is a meta-blogging post: A quick note about how I solved a Jekyll problem.

I want to add my blog to the R-bloggers aggregator. If I submit the regular, built-in RSS feed, then my non-R posts—like the post you’re currently reading—would leak onto that site. They recommend that authors use their respective blogging platform’s tagging system to tag aggregate-able posts and use an RSS feed of those tagged posts. My Jekyll theme doesn’t do this by default—which makes sense. That would be overkill out of the box.

Jekyll blogs run on the liquid templating system, and I was able to find a set of templates for constructing RSS feeds using liquid, and I adapted it for my theme. Mostly, I had to plug in the correct site variables, override the default page theme, and make the feed carry the whole post instead of an excerpt. The result is this feed.

Now, I just need to test that my other posts look okay in this feed and inside of feed readers. That’s the main of the post, by the way. :satisfied:

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